Here to support you or your organization's mental health every step of the way.

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Empowering Well-being, One Individual and Family at a Time

We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and youth therapy to support individuals and families in their pursuit of better mental health. Our compassionate therapists work closely with clients to address their unique needs, obtain helpful coping skills and empower them to lead fulfilling lives.

How we can support you?

  • Tailored counseling and therapy to address your unique needs and goals.
  • Evidence-based techniques to foster personal growth, resilience, and lasting change.
  • A compassionate team dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges with authenticity and care.


Partnering with Employers for a Thriving Workplace

At VRAI, we understand the importance of providing mental health support in the workplace. Through our tailored workshops, employee well-being programs, comprehensive employee resilience training, and expert workplace counselling services, we collaborate with employers to foster a supportive and mentally healthy work environment. Our goal is to equip employers with the necessary tools and knowledge to reduce workplace stress and boost productivity.

How we can support you?

  • Customized workshops to address specific workplace challenges.
  • Training programs to empower employees with mental health awareness and resilience skills.
  • Consultation services to develop effective mental health policies and initiatives.
  • Expert guidance on creating a culture of well-being and reducing stigma.
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Enhance Mental Healthcare Capacity with VRAI

Collaborating with Community Health Centres, Family Health Teams, and primary care networks, we strengthen mental healthcare provision.

How we can support you?

  • Tackling long therapy waitlists.
  • Maximizing funding with tight timelines.
  • Facilitating referrals for specific concerns or session types.
  • Providing overflow support as needed.


Empowering Organizations & Unions

At VRAI Health & Wellness, we proudly collaborate with various associations and unions, providing essential mental health training, services and resources to their members.

How we can support you?

  • Tailored mental health programs to elevate member well-being and productivity.
  • Implementation of evidence-based strategies to enhance association dynamics and communication.
  • Consultation services to develop effective mental health policies and initiatives.
  • Building collaborative partnerships to foster a healthier, more resilient organizational culture.
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